Toot a loo to Tulo


Tulo has been traded

While you were sleeping, my jaw was hitting the ground. Out of the middle of no where and no one predicted anything.

Troy Tulowitzki has been traded to the Blue Jays, while both clubs have not confirmed the trade. Twitter was all a flutter with good byes from teammates.

Here is what we know as of right now.

Tulo and LaTroy Hawkins are going to the Blue Jays, The Rockies get Jose Reyes and Miguel Castro along with two minor league players according to ESPN 

Don’t worry if you are confused. Its seems a little out of left field to go after a short stop when what the Blue Jays need and quite frankly other than the Royals every team needs pitching. Both Reyes and Tulo have expensive contracts. from CBS Sports Tulo is signed on for another 5 yrs so this is a long term relationship but still a confusing one as to why the Blue Jays went after Tulo. We shall see.

When I know more I will update the post.

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