Big League Weekend Big League Joke



An Open Letter to Reese Ryan and Ryan/Sanders Baseball

Let me first say Thank you to the Texas Rangers and the Los Angeles Dodgers for coming to San Antonio and playing some baseball. It was a wonderful to see real major league players. Also I would like to thank Yasiel Puig for trying to get Jimmy Rollins and Howie Kendrick to come out to San Antonio. As wonderful as it was to see baseball in San Antonio there were some definite problems that need to be addressed.

Dear Mr Ryan,

Lets start off with the name Big League Weekend. The name gave me images of Derek Holland on the mound  and Mitch Moreland on 1st. This being Spring Training I figured at the 7th inning the prospects like Joey Gallo would take over. Image my disappointment as I saw a twitter post with the travel roster.

No Holland No Moreland and even though they played minor league ball here, No Beltre and No Choo.

I saved my money to get a single front row seat I was right by the on deck circle. The seats were awesome! If I am going to pay $129 for a front row seat I want to see some Big League Names

As a Ranger fan and someone who is also quite knowledgeable on MLB let me tell you this was not a fair fight. The Rangers brought mostly a prospect showcase and the Dodgers brought the DODGERS!

Justin Turner, Adrian Gonzalez , Yasiel Puig and with his new hair style The Crowned Prince of Pitching: Zack Greinke.

If you want to have a prospect showcase, I would go to that with ticket prices cut in half of course. But this was supposed to be Big League Weekend.

Now there is baseball in San Antonio, the San Diego Padres Double A affiliate the San Antonio Missions so I am used to their prices on concessions and souvenirs.

I was NOT going to pay $30 for a shirt that says Big League Weekend. I DID pay $15 for a plain hot dog, a large soda and a bag of peanuts.

I showed up at the game a 9am, 1 hour before the doors opened. I would later find out that the first 5000 people got a cute baseball backpack but there was no one handing out things at my gate and I had to go searching for a program as no one was handing out programs at my gate as well. As a former promotions person for a Big League team I was disappointed. This was supposed to be a Big League event.

As the doors were opening, it was starting to rain I was asked to empty my pockets so my electronics were exposed to the rain and I passed security and as I enter in the Alamodome, trying to put my things back an usher says to me “Ma’am you need to get one.”  then he pointed at the umbrella bags and he did not get a bag for me and just watched me struggle to try to get the bag off the rack with wet hands.

I made it inside it is 10 a.m,and the game is at 1pm. I watched earlier in the week Mr Reese Ryan, state how there was going to be batting practice and that the fans were going to experience things like at the ball park. But there was no batting practice and by the time I made it to my seat I realized that the Sports Collectibles Show was too far away and to get Ruben Sierra autograph would cost $20. I decided that I would not make the trek up there because I wanted to meet my Rangers, but very few autographs were given from the Rangers and almost none from the Dodgers. A young Puig fan waited right near home plate for his hero to come and he never did.

I am going to make a call. It is most likely that the Big League Weekend people will ignore this review or I will get a canned statement something to the effect “Thank you for your thoughts. We are always looking to improve our event and take your concerns seriously.”

In all seriousness I want to take a meeting with you Mr. Ryan, I think with better planning and execution this could be a phenomenal event

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to speaking with you.


Miss Baseball

PS: Some pictures from my seat

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