Miss Baseball’s Opening Day Guide



Happy Opening Day!. Twitter has this phrase all over and I just love it. Opening day should be treated like a holiday. I am very excited I have my day of television planned out If you are one of the lucky ones who gets to go to the stadium today. I am super jealous but also I have a few tips to make your day easier and fun. Some Do’s and Don’ts I learned working in the promotions department for the Texas Rangers

Do: Take the promotion. If you really don’t want it, give it to someone else. Believe me there are people who want 50 calendars.

Don’t: Ask a promo person to give a child a promo with an alcohol ad on it. We are not allowed. Sorry those are the rules

Do: Check your ticket to make sure you have the correct time and date.

Don’t: Yell at the promo people. If you have a problem go to Guest Services.

Do: Get to the ballpark early.  You can pass the new security measures and watch the ballplayers warm up. Promotions run out quickly so you can be sure to score one.

Don’t: Tackle a promo person for a promo. You will get one I promise. Now back off!

Do: Smile. You are about to spend some time watching America’s Pastime. Yes, traffic and parking are a nightmare but you are here now. Enjoy it!

Don’t: Be afraid to ask questions we will help you anyway we can.

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