Alex Gordon and other All Star game unfairness


Last night, I am watching the Royals game (because I am in the MLB.TV stupid blackout zone for the Rangers) I love the Royals so I am happy watching the game, until it happened. Alex Gordon while running for a fly ball, falls to the ground in extreme pain. He had to be carted off the field. To see someone in that much pain brought tears to my eyes.  Gordon has a Grade 2 groin strain.  He is expected to be out for 8 weeks and he is out of the All- Star game. Brett Gardner of the New York Yankees will take Alex Gordon’s spot on the roster.While injuries are a part of the game, this injury especially, just takes your breath away. I wish Alex a full recovery, I never wish anyone a speedy recovery as time is very precious and I want him to come back good and strong, better be a little late then to not come back at all.

Now for other All Star game unfairness,

Brandon McCarthy, was having one of his more serious moments on Twitter, he was not just supporting his teammate Clayton Kershaw, but showing how something is very wrong if a person like Kershaw is in a run off. While the fans voted for the starters of the All Star game, Pitchers were voted by the players.  Kershaw is in the Final Vote run off, I agree with Brandon and not because I am a Dodger fan but because, Kershaw is the best and he shouldn’t be in a run off.



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